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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

A big "HOLA" to all my pet lovers out there! For those who don't know Spanish, it means Hello. I created this space on my store not only to share my voice with the world, but also to grow an active online community. To talk about the latest trends, healthy dog treats, dog's health posts, favorite things to do in summer time with you paw-kiddos. Also, to get to know each other, create polls and keep up with the latest Pet Friendly events and places to go.

If you like to be part of this community, don't hesitate to sign up and become a member of my blog. Leon and I love to get to know new friends. Below is a little bit of information on what members of the blog can do.

Enjoying the summer breeze in our beautiful island at San Juan, PR.

What can members do?

You can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each one of you gets their own personal customizable profile page.


If any of you who subscribed likes to write posts and share ideas, feel free to reach out to me at cl.dogwear@gmail.com and I can allow you to become a writer on my blog as well. I firmly believe that having multiple writers is the best way to grow a community, as the content will keep fresh and diversified.

Hope you like the idea and enjoy it as much as I do. Hope to receive lots of subscribed notifications.

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